Equipment Moving

Arlington Strongman Movers - Equipment Moving 2Arlington Strongman Movers - Equipment Moving

We know that any client or potential client that comes through our door may have his or her own past experiences with moving companies. People who have had bad experiences where their equipment and furniture show up broken at their new destination or very skeptical of letting a new moving company take care of their new gadgets. We don’t blame them, we would be very skeptical too. That is why we urge people who are going to need a moving service to call in, in advance. That way we can work together to plan out what the best way to load fragile equipment into our trucks is. We have a vast experience dealing with any type of equipment, but each moving job is different. So giving us more time to prepare will usually render better results for you!

Office Equipment

Since we do a lot of local office moving you can bet that we have handled a lot of computers copy machines and even some of the highest tech equipment and packing that you can imagine. Trying to cram all of that into one of our trucks with all of the desks chairs and furniture is quite a challenge. What we typically like to do is obviously wrapping up all of this equipment as much as we can, but also make two sections within our truck. One with delicate equipment and the other with furniture.


We know how fond you can be of that huge screen TV that you have hanging on your wall! Having to move it can be a very difficult task. The main thing that we can bring to the table here is patience. We know beforehand that a lot of the objects in a home are going to need extra care. That is something that we are willing to provide no doubt about it! We will make sure that you are watching that 4k screen in your new home in no time.

Pool Tables

This is another one of those objects that need extreme care. For those of you who have no idea some pool table are built on the spot because they have to be perfectly balanced to facilitate the game. Moving these tables properly is a very tough delicate task. Again that is another one of the reasons why we urge people to give us a call ahead of time. If we have time to plan these types of jobs accordingly we have a higher chance of being successful.

Washing Machines & Dryers

If you are not the type of person that uses these types of machines to often you may not know how much people can get attached to individual machines. They don’t like just throwing them away and buying new ones! We can load on the truck diligently to make sure that no problems will come to them on the trip. The same type of process can be applied to things like fridges and any type of machine that you may have working in the kitchen area!