Furniture Assembly

Arlington Strongman Movers - Furniture Assembly

We have been in the moving business for a while and we can tell you that assembling furniture was a thing way before Ikea came around. There is no doubt though that they have made the concept a lot more popular. These days a lot of furniture manufacturers use certain removable features in their furniture. We love to think that they do this to make our job while transporting furniture a lot easier. For a lot of people though have to build up their couch like a lego statue is not quite what they hope for! That is where we come in!

De-Assembling Furniture

Since our main services still have to do with moving what we usually do with your furniture first is to break up into pieces when possible. In doing so we are able to load onto the moving truck a lot quicker and without too many problems. Here is one of the times where you can tell whether a moving company is filled with professionals or just random guys that needed a job. No offense, but we have heard and seen stories of former clients that told us other moving companies had broken their furniture trying to take apart certain pieces to be able to get it on the truck. We will go through this process with the utmost care!

Did You Lose The Manual?

How many people do you think, keep the owner’s guide to the couches that they buy? We haven’t run a poll between our clients, but I’d be a nice number to know. From our experience, people usually don’t keep track of these things. When they need to remove any piece of the furniture they will be a bit of trouble. We have a vast experience dealing with these types of jobs so our guys usually are very intuitive on how to properly tear down and build up furniture. Even without the manual!

Electrical Appliances

We really couldn’t tell you exactly why, but people tend to be more nervous when we are taking down their home entertainment centers and TVs than they are when we are dealing with a bed or a couch. This is also a process that requires people who know at least a thing or two about installing and removing these objects to take care of the process. We can remove all of the wiring and objects from their original place and then reinstall them at their new location.

Looking For A New Look?

When arriving at a new home it is almost a given that the spaces in the new home won’t exactly match what you had at your old home. Which means a lot of furniture may need to be rotated or placed differently than it was at the previous location. We can make sure that all of your furniture is right where it needs to be before we leave. Our job is not done until you are fully satisfied with how your home looks. Find out much more details about us!